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Membership Requirements and Process

Welcome to New England District Grand Lodge #1 recruitment. Below is the process for membership. We are looking for men and women who exemplify integrity, love of fellow man and seek the truth. For requirements please contact us or ask a member.



All of those who are interested in joining our fraternal order must apply.  Once we have received your application an active member has to testify to your character.  It is important to go to events so that members can get to know you. Once you apply, those members can testify if you would be good for the Lodge/Chapter, the District and, the Order. 


The Interview

Next is the interview. Here you want to put your best face forward. Why do you want to join? Tell us what makes you a person of good character? What kind of activities have you done for your community? The interview is then brought back to its members and a vote is made.


Determination Letter

After the interview, you will receive a letter. If you have been accepted you will receive further instructions. If you have not been accepted you may apply again after six months.

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